What is EasyDentWeb?

EasyDentWeb is an online application which allows your patients to make an online appointment on your homepage. You’re able to manage the appointment types, the practitioners of it and their working hours. To prohibit an overlap between the EasyDentWeb Agenda and your clinic software you can synchronise them together.

How does EasyDentWeb work?
EasyDentWeb consists of two parts:
The Client Module and the Admin Module:
On the Admin Module you’re able to manage the appointment types, the practitioners of it and the working hours. Additional to that you have an agenda and an overview about your appointments.

The Client Module is a Pop-Up window on your homepage. There your clients can log in and book an appointment.
The design of the Client Module is administrable as well from your Admin Module. There you can regulate the colours and the logo which you wish to be showed on the Pop-Up window.


Why EasyDentWeb?

With the help of EasyDentWeb you’re able to lower the administrative effort for your patients and for your team as well. Your patients can book now around the clock appointments at your clinic, which you can manage with your smartphone or tablet.

How does the Client Module work?

The Client Module is a pop-up window which appears on your homepage. You’re able to manage that Module how you like on the Admin Module. To reach that pop-up window a button will be integrated in your homepage.

How does the Admin Module work?

With the help of the Admin Module you’re able to manage your practitioners, the appointment types and their working hours. Also it is possible to manage the Client Module. The Module offers you an agenda and an overview over your patients.

How do I pay?

The only way to subscribe for EasyDentWeb is with Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account you can easily create one. You can pay with credit card, debit card or with your assets on paypal.

How do I integrate the button on my homepage?

The button which owns the pop-up window for the client modul can easily be integrated in your homepage with a link. For that you’re required to own some programmer skills. The best would be if you contact the person who is responsible for your homepage. Otherwise you can contact us and we will help you.

What makes EasyDentWeb special?

With EasyDentWeb your patients are able to book online appointments on your homepage. You’re also able to design your client module as well as the practitioner and whose appointment types. Forward you can upload your personnel database of your patients so you can make new appointments manual with your own patients. These are not required to register on the client module, they can just enter with their phone number. If you’re working with EasyDent Agenda your agenda from EasyDentWeb and EasyDent Agenda can be synchronised. That would prohibit an overlap.