How EasyDentWeb integrates as online appointment booking system in my dental clinic?

With EasyDentWeb a dental clinic can offer his patient to setup appointments by internet. This has many advantages! The patient can make an appointment 24 hours a day, in the evening, relaxed at his home or during the day at his office...Not to care wheather the dental clinic is open or not.

EasyDentWeb runs from any homepage just by a link.

Clients can use EasyDentWeb with software EasyDent or a another solution. In future, there will be links to the EasyDent Agenda from different dental solution.


For use by patient's use setting an appointment is enable by sending appointment request to the clinic. The clinic send (by sms) confirmations to the patient.

Video Test Here

For dental clinic usage, clinic master can define data base,appointment types and do other settings.


For use at the clinic Synchronization of the Agenda from EasydentWeb with clinic software.

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